Terms & Conditions

PAX Unplugged 2021 Acq Inc Contest

  • The contest will take place across two streams on twitch.tv/pax:

    • Acquisitions Inc: 11 Dec 2021 between 8:30pm - 11:30pm ET

    • The ā€œCā€ Team: 12 Dec 2021 between 1:30pm - 3:30pm ET

  • No purchase is necessary to enter this contest.

  • This prize is promoted by Penny Arcade Inc. and sponsored by:

    • D&D Beyond by Fandom

  • Any participant may enter the draw by being an active participant in live chat on twitch.tv/pax for a 2 minute window after the contest start is announced via a message in the Twitch chat window.

  • Multiple participations and comments will not generate further entries.

  • Contestants must be aged 18 or over to be eligible for this contest

  • The prizes for this contest are the following items split between both shows:

    • Two (2) Legendary Bundles

    • Twenty (20) Acquisitions Incorporated Books

  • The approximate cash value of each respective prize includes:

    • Legendary Bundle: $887.87 USD each

    • Acquisitions Incorporated Book: $29.99 USD each

  • No cash equivalent is available.

  • Winners will be randomly selected from all entries within five minutes of the announcement that the contest has begun.

  • The contest entries will terminate within five minutes of the announcement that the contest has begun.

  • Winners will be randomly selected from all entries at the closing time of the contest

  • Viewers will be notified of the winner of this contest by an automated message in the /PAX chat channel of Acquisitions Incorporated and The ā€œCā€ Team by the twitch.tv/PennyArcade account.

  • Prizes will be fulfilled within 14 calendar days.

  • Entrants agree that Penny Arcade has the right to use their Twitch username in a promotional context live on air and on social media in their capacity as the winner of this contest.

  • The winner does not need to be present for the drawing, but will be required to contact Penny Arcade via email in order to collect their prize. They must be able to receive messages via the Twitch platform in order to receive communication from Penny Arcade.

  • The winner is liable for the payment of any and all state or federal taxes, include customs and import duty.

  • Consumers can obtain a list of winners of prizes by sending a written request to:

    PAX Unplugged Acq Inc Contest ℅ PMC Fulfillment
    9660 153rd Ave NE
    Redmond, WA 98052